Steve Shimchick, a 27 year old musician, is cleaning up his New Brunswick community with "trash love". Steve has turned into a viral and virtual influencer who is live streaming himself picking up trash and singing and sending personal messages back to his massive audience who follows him religiously . Tens of thousands tune in to watch him clean up New Brunswick.

It's such a feel good inspirational message that he sends. Steve does not preach or have a political agenda he just lives by the motto action speaks louder than words. Steve does not just pick up trash he communicates with his live stream audience and invites them to talk about their day. His kindness and non-judgement interactions makes his livestream so welcoming.

Steve's actions have led many people here to follow his lead and they are not just picking up trash in the United States,but it has led to people picking trash up all across the world. Steve’s story has turned somewhat into a movement to clean your local area.

What I love about  Steve's story is its so nonchalant . He started live streaming when picking up just to find some interaction while he was doing his thing. His "trash love" became a relaxing feel good interaction while accomplishing his goal of trying to make his New Brunswick community a better place to live. Congratulations Steve and thank you for doing exactly what you do. If you want to follow Steve and his journey here is a link to do so.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.




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