There's something about silent trends when it comes to the younger generations. Not just Gen Z, but millennials as well.

Now sure, some sort of silent trend could've existed with older generations, such as Gen X or baby boomers. But the main difference between them and the latter is the development and use of the Internet.

More specifically, social media. And it's that very factor that is helping propel Gen Z with this latest trend.

A silent trend that's also very powerful when it comes to our well-being, And it's one that's also taking shape right here in New Jersey.

Now to be clear, the silent movement that's been happening with Gen Zers is very different from the silent movement that's been underway with millennials. In fact, one could be viewed as beneficial while the other is the exact opposite.

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The Silent Trend - Millennial Version

The silent movement among millennials has been growing for some time now. That silent treatment is particularly noticeable during the holidays.

Simply put, this silent trend is about cutting people out of your life by ignoring them. Think of that weird aunt or uncle that you can't stand to see at any function.

It's essentially known as a toxic silent trend that extends to anyone who is viewed as toxic. It could be anyone from a family member to a co-worker or a friend.

The problem with this silent trend, however, is that it doesn't solve any problems. Yes, it's true we all deal with toxic people in our lives, but some of them we might have to deal with whether we like it or not.

Toxic/ danger

When it comes to friends or those you casually know, it might be easier to push them out of your life. But family members are a different story.

It's the family relationships that can tear entire families apart. And that in turn can hurt relationships with kids all because of grudges adults might have with one another.

Sometimes it's better to suck it up, particularly during holidays, just to help prevent what doesn't have to be for our younger generations. A toxic silent treatment is powerful, but not for the right reasons.

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The Silent Trend - Gen Z Version

Gen-Zers, on the other hand, have a very different outlook on what a silent treatment should be. It's quite the opposite of the trend that's been underway with Millennials.

And to be honest, it's a trend every generation should take note of. It's certainly not toxic and won't cause harm to relationships.

Essentially, Gen-Zers have been leaving their electronics, including phones, behind, and simply taking walks in silence.

Nature Trail
Nature Trail (flyzone)

They're trying not to be glued to their phones in any way, shape or form. They simply just want to disconnect and take in the silence. No music. No phone calls. Nothing.

It's known as silent walking and it's a trend among Gen Z that's been increasing in popularity. Simply leaving all your distractions behind and taking in the world around them.

And who can blame them? In today's digital world, it's extremely difficult to disconnect from anything.

It's not that this is something new since we used to not have all these electronics. But it is a trend since you now have to make an effort to leave these devices behind. And that's the difference.

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Galaxy Note 3 smartphone (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Looking up to younger generations

Older generations, especially those who get caught in the silent toxic trend, should look at this and take note. Every once in a while, it's OK to just leave it all behind.

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