The city of Camden has officially replaced its police department with a county force that officials say will be bigger and better for the same amount of money.

Top state officials insist it's an idea that can work all over New Jersey.

"This is not something that is anti-union," says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. "This is something that is pro-common sense, but what you need is the will to do it and the commitment of all levels of government to be getting through the obstacles that will be put up before you, including political obstacles."

Christie says as long as he's governor, he will stand by the commitment that if other communities want to move towards regional or county policing, the state will be ready with financial support to help them to do just that.

He also stresses passing State Senate President Steve Sweeney's shared services bill, "will help to remove a lot of the technical legal obstacles when you're trying to put something like this together."

Sweeney says county or regional policing can work in other parts of Jersey "if you have elected officials who have the courage to move forward with it."

"We've got to figure out a way to provide safety, even though we don't have the money, so you have to do things differently."

Courtesy Governor's Office

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