The new Highland Park transgender policy passed unanimously on Monday, which means students will have access to any bathroom, locker room, or sports team based on gender identity.

The part of the policy that I question is the school not disclosing this information to the parents. Don’t the parents have a right to know since they are the legal guardians of the student? Is it not the responsibility of the school to keep the parent informed of the welfare of the student?

My sons' teachers are in constant contact with us and I would feel that if one or both of my kids had changed their identity to everyone else that we would want to know about it. I think putting the school in the position of holding something as important as gender identification back damages the bond of trust that parents and teachers have.

If you listen to my show, you’ll know that I support transgender people. In fact, one of the funniest comedians in New Jersey, Julia Scotti has been on the show many times both in studio and on the phone. I have no problem with gender identity, but I do have a problem with the school holding back such information. Although, I would question how a student could come out so publicly in school and the parents not know.