What will land you in jail overnight in New Jersey? Getting it on in a church yard beneath a statue of the Virgin Mary. A couple in their 40s, Anthony Michael Getchius and Noelle Marie Smart (mugshots above) were caught by a priest in the act. Authorities moved in to arrest the two and they were charged with lewdness and the man was charged with "creating a dangerous condition" whatever the heck that is and also with obstructing the law. Authorities describe the grounds at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Seaside Heights as "a sacred area."

Well, yeah, that's probably what made it hot in their minds. The thrill of possibly being caught isn't so thrilling when you actually are. The two were locked up pending a bail hearing. Seems a bit like overkill to actually put them behind bars. Couldn't this just be a summons to appear?

We asked our listeners if they had ever done it in a risky place. Here were some of their locations.

Mark did it in a state park up in NY state while hiking. He and the woman went off the beaten path and found an area they thought less traveled. They went at it, and only about 30 seconds after getting themselves back together afterwards along came a huge group of hikers and a lot of them kids. They were that close to being caught.

Bob's story happened on an Amtrak train coming home from Florida. The couple went into a storage car and did it on top of bags of laundry. And they were caught. A cook from the dining car went into the storage car looking for something and saw them going at it. They weren't arrested or even made to stop. The cook just walked back out. The kicker to this story? The couple wasn't a couple. He was 17 and she was a married 31 year old woman who had gotten into a fight with her husband on board. She sneaked off, flirted with Bob for hours, and things ended hot and heavy in that storage car.

Jay had a number of places. He and a lovely lass made love on the marble steps of a high school on an extremely hot summer night. What he didn't know was the high school had a police officer patrolling at 1 in the morning. They were caught, but not arrested. Jay also tempted fate on the hood of a car parked at the Philadelphia Zoo. The crazy part about it is the animals seemed to sense what was happening because suddenly a bunch of them were screeching and squawking and braying and trumpeting. Welcome to the jungle!

Vince was about to deploy for 9 long month on a U.S. destroyer and brought his wife on board. They ended up finding a private/not so private place and let's say enjoyed a goodbye hug. But it was interrupted by a senior officer who just shook his head and walked back out. Their goodbye continued.

Jimmy did it with a girl in the alley of a sub shop in Princeton, a girl he just met that night and never saw again. He says it was the best two and a half minutes of his life.

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