SEASIDE PARK — Borough officials say road flooding is getting out of hand and people are making it even worse by driving through floodwaters and creating a chain reaction.

Seaside Park has enhanced an ordinance on the books to better inform drivers that they may have to pay a hefty fine for traveling through flooded streets at an unsafe speed.

"The wave that's created curls up the block, and it goes up against people's landscaping, garage doors, entrance doors," Council President Marty Wilk, Jr. told New Jersey 101.5. "We have to listen to our residents with their complaints, which are absolutely warranted."

The fine for creating waves in the street that go over the curb can be as much as $2,000.

But Wilk said officials are more interested in creating a deterrent, rather than "going after people" with fines or having to rescue folks from stalled-out vehicles.

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According to Wilk, the borough has more than 120 new signs that can be placed along roadways ahead of expected flooding.

The lit barriers inform drivers about the local rule. The ordinance does not stop people from traveling to or from their home.

Wilk said road flooding is not only an issue along the bayfront; it also impacts inland portions of the community.

"We've always had a problem with people ... driving through flooded roadways, but the frequency of flooding has dramatically increased in the past year," Wilk said.

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