The wind coming this evening shouldn't be ignored.

A high wind warning is effect for New Jersey through Monday evening for all New Jerset counties. Wind gusts of 45 to 60 mph are likely. Those speeds that can cause damage to roofs, gutters and trees. They can even make walking and driving hazardous.

Our own chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow reminds us those are gusts, not sustained wind speeds -- but they're high enough to warrant caution.

At speeds below 40 mph, wind is mostly just an annoyance. (Unless you're boating, fighting a fire, flying an airplane, etc.) When gusts reach 50 or 60 mph, we reach "gale force" and minor to moderate damage is a possibility.

Downed trees are very possible. So are scattered power outages and blowout tides causing low water in coastal areas. Driving could be particularly difficult in high-profile vehicles like vans and trucks.

What's more: We're talking about a sustained 24 hours of high winds.

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management Sunday offered the following tips for staying safe in the wind:

  • Secure loose items such as outdoor furniture, children’s toys, trampolines, garbage cans, and lawn decorations in your yard by tying them down or bringing them indoors.
  • Gusty winds can also cause a power outage. Visit to find out what to do before, during and after a power outage including keeping your electronic devices charged up!
  • Always assume downed wires are live. NEVER touch or drive over them! Know how to report it to your utility company immediately. Visit for outage maps and contact information for your utility company.
  • Use caution on the roads. High winds can make driving in high profile vehicles difficult.

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