Few issues are more polarizing in the state of New Jersey than the question of self-serve gas.

The Garden State is the last place in the nation to prohibit consumers from pumping their own. But every so often a debate revs up — this time fueled by proposed legislation that would allow gas stations to offer self-serve. The legislation also requires stations with more than four dispensers to provide full service.

To answer questions and address the myths and misinformation, Sal Risalvato of the state's gas station trade association came on New Jersey 101.5's "Deminski & Doyle" show for a full hour on Wednesday. Risalvato's group supports the current proposal.

Take a listen below and find out if you agree with him:

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For a history of legislative efforts to allow self-serve in New Jersey, read this article by New Jersey 101.5 Statehouse Bureau Chief Michael Symons.

It's no secret that New Jersey 101.5 afternoon host Jeff Deminski is all onboard with self-serve. Here are his 9 reasons why New Jersey should allow this change.

Mid-Day host Dennis Malloy thinks this proposal is a win-win.

And if you ever wondered why New Jersey has this law to begin with, check this out from contributor Bob Giaquinto.

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