They say a picture says a thousand words. So I'll keep my words brief and ask you to peruse this photo gallery of Restaurant Nicholas. Fine dining at its best. The dinner menu here starts at $75 per. Upscale. Their website has the following description:

"Since the year 2000, Restaurateur Nicholas Harary and his wife Melissa have redefined modern fine dining absent of the big city. Located in Red Bank, NJ, Restaurant Nicholas has garnered some of the highest praises from all avenues of the food industry including; four stars from the New York Times, and a 29/30 in both food and service from the Zagat Survey (2005-present)."

So what were YOU doing Thursday evening? Let me guess. You were among the many thousands still stranded on gridlocked highways. Or you were one who didn't get to see their own children that night as they were captive on school buses or left to sleep on the floors of their schools. All because the state government was completely inept at handling this storm.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal was basically shut down. Drivers had abandoned vehicles on the sides of highways. People who have lived in New Jersey their whole lives and through decades of terrible storms said they had never seen anything close to the poor handling by the state.

And there was Phil Murphy, around 8 or 9 p.m. while this catastrophe was still ongoing, enjoying dinner in a place most of you stuck on those roadways could never afford. It's not the cost of the meal I'm pointing out. It's Murphy's ignorance for being in a place of opulence rather than spending the night where he should have been all along; at the emergency command center. He only "visited" the Statewide Traffic Management Center according to spokesman Mahen Gunaratna.


Let that sink in. He...visited.

How about you be the adult in the room, the leader you were elected to be, and spend as long as it takes to fix the mess your incompetence started in the first place? No, let's blame weathermen, let's blame climate change, and let's skip out on the whole thing and sit with your wife in the lap of luxury spending some of that Goldman Sachs cash that bought you the office to begin with.

Governor Phil Murphy is an absolute disgrace.

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