A report came out showing that Route 29 in Trenton was among the top 10 worst highways in America. Really?

I can think of many roadways that I believe are far worse to drive on in the Garden State. Route1 during rush hour can be a nightmare, or what about Route 80 on a Sunday evening in the summer? Also, uneven paving, potholes, speed traps and boondoggles, (remember Route 133?) all rank way higher on the "worst" list than Route 29.

Not only that, removing a highway isn't going to bring people back to Trenton. How about some economic incentive to create jobs. Maybe a reduction in crime? Improvement of city services?

Anyway, what do you think? Is Route 29 the worst road in New Jersey? If not, where are the worst roads in New Jersey? Tweet @NJ1015 and @BillSpadea and let us know.

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