Everybody who drives New Jersey roads has an opinion about which ones are the worst. My regular commute from Warren County to Morris Plains and then Princeton to Morris Plains has ended.

Although you'd think that now with a commute that has me driving only about 15 minutes each way to the studio, my Jersey road troubles would be over.

Of course, since my show on Fox TV ended after a seven-year run, I filled the time with something different. Launching the very successful Common Sense Club, which now has more than 143,000 members has my wife Jodi and I all over the state attending events, supporting first responders, and promoting small businesses across the state. It's given me a perspective on some of the toughest roads in our state.

Water damaged road in Warren County
Water damaged road in Warren County (JCP&L)

The first road that has driven me crazy for years is the so-called "bypass" named for former GOP Assemblyman Pete Biondi. It's a few miles of inconvenience designed to speed traffic and avoid congestion through the Hillsborough business district.

Of course in classic Jersey fashion, much of the "bypass" is one lane and there are lights so not much of a speed-up. Not to mention the money the taxpayers poured into this clear political giveaway to the back-room politicians.

The other road that aggravates me is Route 15, which goes from Morris County into Sussex County. The traffic, lack of accessibility to local businesses, and terrible lighting when driving at night keep Route 15 on my list every year.

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