GLASSBORO — The Phi Psi fraternity at Rowan University is offering a $2,000 after a fire that destroyed part of their house was determined by investigators to be arson.

According to a GoFundMe page raising money for the fraternity, the fire started on the morning of May 16. After neighbors alerted the residents of the house about the fire they were all able to escape without any injuries. Vehicles parked at the house and personal belongings in the house were lost. In eight days, the campaign has raised more than $11,000 out of a $15,000 goal.

A press release from the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office said the house had been leased by the fraternity "for years," and that the investigation into the fire is ongoing. At the time of the fire, there were three people in the house who were all able to get out safely.

According to a report from CBS Philly, the wooden fence of a home two blocks away was set on fire on the same night as the fraternity house fire.

"At first I just thought I was dreaming that this couldn't be real and then I heard screaming, knocking, banging, people screaming fire," Jacob Kershaw was quoted as saying by CBS Philly. "I just watched as flames destroyed my car, destroyed their cars, and destroyed all of my stuff."

Police are encouraging anyone with information about the fire to contact Det. Anthony Garbarino from the prosecutor's office at 856-384-5619, or Det. Jack Manning of the Glassboro Police Department at 856-881-1501 ext. 88209.

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