EAST BRUNSWICK — Police are looking for two men they say threatened a woman after "fixing" her car.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. on Dec. 11, when the men pulled alongside the woman's car and told her to pull over due to a gas leak, police said the woman told them.

The woman told police she followed the men into a strip mall at the Old Bridge Turnpike, where they identified themselves as Midas employees, police said. The men then told the woman they had the part and could fix it for her on the spot, which she agreed to, according to police.

After one of the men went under the vehicle to "fix" it, the woman offered the men $20 each for the repair, but she was told it would cost $300, according to police.

"When the resident advised the males she did not have that much money on her, they responded by saying they knew she did and saw it in her purse," police said. "At this time, the resident became frightened, got back in her vehicle and left the scene."

The two men were driving a newer blue Chevy Silverado pick-up truck, according to police. The men were described as being white, with one being heavy set and one being thin, police said.

This kind of encounter is known as a "flat tire scam," according to police. In this situation a person will pose as a good Samaritan looking to help someone, usually an elderly person, who has recently withdrawn a large amount of money from the bank.

The East Brunswick Police Department provided several tips on how to avoid being caught in such a scam:

• Be aware of your surroundings.
• When withdrawing large amounts of cash from a bank, secure your money before leaving.
• Have a friend accompany you to the bank, when possible.
• Never leave your money unattended in your vehicle.
• If you have access to road side assistance, contact them and request their repair services.
• If not and someone offers to help you, decline their offer and call a friend.

Police encouraged anyone who suspects such criminal activity to immediately call 9-1-1.

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