A rookie Howell Township Police Officer is being hailed as a hero after pulling a man from a burning car to safety Saturday night. Officer Nicholas Volpe came across the single car crash on Manassa Road with the car already on fire. According to a statement from the department, here’s what happened next:

Officer Volpe quickly approached and noticed the driver was trapped inside the burning vehicle. The door was crushed closed. Officer Volpe determined the driver was conscious and instructed him to climb out the window. However, the interior damage prevented him from doing so. Officer Volpe reached in and grabbed the driver under his arms and pulled him through the window. He quickly assisted the driver back to the patrol vehicle. The vehicle was quickly consumed in flames shortly thereafter.

The 62 year old Howell resident sustained minor injuries and refused medical treatment. He admitted to using his cellphone and became distracted. Officer Volpe was not injured.

Officer Volpe deservedly earned praise from his boss, Chief Andrew Kudrick who said on the department’s Facebook page: “This incident once again highlights the bravery of police officers every day across this Country. The quick and decisive actions of Officer Volpe undoubtedly saved this man’s life.

He is a prime example of a true hero. I’m certainly proud of him.” Chief Kudrick also told News 12 New Jersey, “The majority of the public realizes what we do because when you post something like this, you do get the recognition,” says Kudrick. “They realize that, but it's always good to show firsthand what these officers are doing on an everyday basis.”

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