Yesterday, I discussed how some NJ politicians are finally taking back the right to have Christmas celebrations. One of those politicians joined me on air during the show last night.

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
John Moore, Getty Images

Robbinsville Mayor David Fried called in to my show to talk about how this year, the town decided to return to calling the annual tree lighting to a "Christmas Tree Lighting." While the mayor says they respect all religions and races, they don't want the Christmas season to get lost by trying to cater to everyone. Mayor Fried said that every time we try to cater someone or be politically correct we "lose a little but of who we are."

The mayor is one of my new heroes for taking back the Christmas season and not being afraid to call it what it is. Not a "seasonal" tree, not a "holiday" tree but a "Christmas" tree.

You can hear the full call in the audio player below.

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