UNION (Union) — Many of those complaining about a billboard promoting a documentary called "Our Leader: The Idiot" — referencing President Donald Trump — say they want to see more respect paid to his office.

Union Township spokeswoman Natalie Pineiro said hundreds of comments have been made on a post to the township Facebook page explaining that it does not own the billboard on Morris Avenue.

"It has been a resounding outrage to the fact that somebody is going to these lengths to attack a sitting president. It's something we've heard equally about from residents no matter their party, age, demographic. It's something that's caused a stir here," Pineiro said.

Neil Harrison told News 12 New Jersey that he is a political activist from The Bronx and bought the billboard because New York City prohibits political billboards. He said he paid $1,000.

"What a lot of people are claiming is that it's a political billboard that the township somehow authorized to go up and that's just not the case," the township wrote in one comment. "It's a privately owned billboard on private property. Outfront Media Group, which owns the billboard are the people who authorized that advertisement to go up."

The township said the billboard is not in  violation of any township ordinances.

Pineiro could not recall a billboard or advertising campaign in the township causing such a stir. "This is definitely an original," she said.

Outfront did not return a message seeking comment for this report.

Among the comments left on the township's Facebook page:

Rosemary Hartman: Talk about a cop out!! SMH. So anyone can put a billboard up in your town no matter how offensive and you guys just say that your hands are tied? I think voters need to remember this come election time and vote in some people with b**s who actually care! Shame on you all! SMH.

Terry Breslin: Interestingly, other towns have banned political billboards, apparently that is why this offensive material wound up in Union. hope you enjoy policing the disturbances this billboard causes.

Elide Drapeau Collins: If this were an anti abortion or anti gay or anti immigrant billboard or would y’all be as offended?

Kathy Silva: He will be gone soon anyway!😜😜 And as far as what he has done not much!

Susan Weiss: It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. grow up already.

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