I just wanted to send out this reminder to check on your elderly friends, family, and neighbors, especially if you know someone who uses a CPAP machine, ventilator or anything else which requires them to use electricity or has a rechargeable battery.

It's pretty obvious that with the threat of long term power outages, if you use in-home equipment, you may need a generator or car inverter to recharge the batteries that power these devices, however many people will feel embarrassed to ask for help. This means that it's up to YOU to ask them if they will need help.

Also, they may need help picking up extra medication, food, and other provisions before the storm. Offer to pick up some extra supplies while you are out, and help them with any last minute preparations they might not be able to do themselves. Offer them a place to stay in your home or if they need to evacuate, you can also offer them a ride to a shelter as well.

As we've seen in the past, tough storms and natural disasters bring out the best in New Jerseyans. There's no doubt in my mind that there will be plenty of people helping each other if Sandy does shape up to do record damage. Stay safe everyone.