It's Wednesday, that means the latest episode of Speaking Millennial dropped at midnight!  Jay Black, Jessica Nutt and I had quite a conversation about the movie "The Breakfast Club", Jay's first TV comedy show and we had a special guest. Jay explains the episode in the best way possible below, but first a reminder...Speaking Millennial is turning ONE!  That's right on March 24th, the podcast crew will have been together an entire year. To commemorate the date we have a special show planned for you in Bound Brook at the Brooks Art Center on Saturday, 3/24 starting at 8pm. Join me, Jessica, Jay, Eric Potts and Steve Trevelise for a show you really don't want to miss.

But first, here's Jay's analysis of the latest episode:

Written by: Jay Black

I have issues with John Hughes’s “classic” film “The Breakfast Club.”

You have to understand what it’s like to watch that movie as, shall we diplomatically say a “huge nerd“. Yes we are represented in that movie by Anthony Michael Hall. And yes it is a sensitive and nuanced portrayal especially when compared to literally anything 80’s nerd go-to Eddie Deeson has ever done in anything.

But look at the ending of that movie! You have jock Emilio Estevez hooking up with now dandruff-free Allie Sheedy. OK fine good for them. You have princess Molly Ringwald hooking up with fingerless-glove-wearing Judd Nelson. OK cool: a princess and a bad boy isn’t cliché at all and I’m sure it’ll work out just fine!

But what does our nerd character get? I’ll tell you what he gets: absolutely nothing. He gets to write the essay for everybody else!

I think I can say without hyperbole that this is a travesty bigger than any that was faced by anyone, anywhere in the 1980s.

If “The Breakfast Club” had come out today, the response from the nerdosphere online would’ve put the #JusticeForBarb movement to shame.

As you might’ve guessed, we get deep into the weeds about this very important issue on this week’s Speaking Millennial Podcast. Even more importantly though, we are joined by comedian, teacher, and podcaster Vinnie Nardiello for a discussion that ranges from “The Breakfast Club” to my appearance on Showtime’s “White Boyz in da Hood” to Vinnie’s very weird and interesting podcast “The 1917 Podcast”. It’s another rollicking episode of the Speaking Millennial and one that you can’t miss!

As always, don’t just download it here: make sure you go to iTunes and rate, review, and subscribe to our podcast so that you can get great episodes like this one delivered to you each and every week for free! As always thanks for listening.

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