Think about it. New Jersey's immediate future is really its immediate past. Without an unprecedented occurrence of a third party candidate upending the political machine come November, we will either have Phil Murphy or Kim Guadagno as our next governor. (And how much money was spent in the primaries again only to lead us to this sad obvious choice?)

So there's Phil Murphy who is another democrat and former Goldman Sachs executive just like Jon Corzine. He says he'll have your back. Do you believe him? He will undoubtedly try to distance himself from Corzine and play down his current wealth and play up his humble beginnings.

Speaking of playing down, we have republican Kim Guadagno who so desperately needs to distance herself from her boss Chris Christie that she never mentioned the fact that she's his Lt. Governor in any of the ads I saw. She stood silently by him for 7 years through Bridgegate and all the rest until she decided she wanted the job. Then and only then did she speak out against things like the gas tax hike. Until she wanted the power seat, she was complicit. Is this the person we need?

I guarantee you the person we really need is hidden either in a third party candidate or more likely someone out there who doesn't even want to run for office but has the intelligence and moxie to steer this state back to at least a semblance of its former great self.

So who will it be? Phil 'Don't call me Corzine' Murhpy or Kim 'Don't call me Christie' Guadagno? Take our poll and let us know.

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