Did you know that despite how health-conscious we’ve become as a country, over half of Americans still consume soda regularly?

While a glass of soda is nowhere near an everyday thing for me, I definitely appreciate it being the occasional lunch treat.

If you’re a regular soda drinker, you can now find out if your tastes line up with the rest of New Jersey.

Cola and Ice

The experts at Holiday Calendar surveyed 3,000 Americans to determine which sodas are preferred in each state across the U.S..

Our neighbors in New York’s favorite was a cold glass of Pepsi. Pennsylvania’s however (where, to our chagrin, they would call is ‘pop’), was Mountain Dew. While it has long been a go-to caffeine fix of my broadcast partner, Jeff Deminski, I always found the color unsettling.

So what’s the favorite soda of the Garden State? Here’s our top five:

5️⃣ Mountain Dew

Photo by Anil Xavier on Unsplash
Photo by Anil Xavier on Unsplash

4️⃣ Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper Ties Pepsi For 2nd Most Popular Soda In U.S., After Coca-Cola
Getty Images

3️⃣ Root beer

Frozen Dark Stout Beer Float with Ice Cream

2️⃣ Pepsi

Pepsi Celebrates Pizza Goes #BetterWithPepsi & Teams Up With Culinary Institute Of America (CIA) Consulting To Reimagine America's Favorite Pizza Topping
Getty Images for Pepsi

1️⃣ Coca-Cola

SEC Launches Investigation Into Coca-Cola's Earnings History
Getty Images

We don’t seem to be alone with this opinion: Coca-Cola emerged as the nation's favorite soda, ranking first in 20 states! In second plan nation-wide was Mountain Dew, which according to the study is popular with younger Americans.

By the way, you know how there’s a national day for everything now? This information is coming to us just in time for National Ice Cream Soda Day - it’ll be taking place on June 20.

While ice cream floats are typically made with root beer, you can mix your favorite ice cream with some Coca-cola for a sweet, bubbly treat.

You can see the favorite sodas of every other state here.

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