Whether you prefer the "warm" sound that only comes from a vinyl record, or the crisp perfection of an "album" on compact disc, this is the day for you!

It's TOMORROW! (Craig Allen photo).
It's TOMORROW! (Craig Allen photo).

I'm talking "11th Annual National Record Store Appreciation Day."

Tomorrow...April 21st!

Its a celebration of everything that surrounds the more than 1400 independently owned, brick and mortar, retail record stores in the United States (and many more taking part around the world).

For the official National Record Store Homepage, click here!

The day (always the third Saturday in April) can feature live music, also official record store day promotional giveaways, and record deals that can only be found in the indie stores!

HUNDREDS of limited edition albums, singles and picture discs will be featured... including faves from "Jersey's Favorite Artists!"

Some of the official offerings that appeal to us fans of "Jersey's Favorite Hits" include:

AC/DC  "Back In Black"  (on CASSETTE!!!)

B-52's   "Rock N' Rockets, LIVE (2 LP's)

Blue Oyster Cult  "Rarities, Vol. 2" (2 LP's)

David Bowie  "Bowie Now" (LP)

"Welcome To The Blackout, Live In London, 1978" (3 LP's)

"Let's Dance" (12 inch vinyl)

Eric Clapton  "Complete Clapton" (4 LP's)

Duran Duran  "Thanksgiving Live" (2 LP's)

"Duran Duran Budokan" (LP)

Fleetwood Mac  "Tango In The Night Alternate" (LP)

Kinks  "Phobia" (2 LP's)

Madonna  "The First Album" (LP Picture Disc)

"You Can Dance" (LP)

Van Morrison  "Alternative Moondance" (2 LP Picture Disc)

Pink Floyd  "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" MONO (LP)

Prince  "1999" (LP)

How did this not sell last year? Grab it NOW! (Craig Allen photo).
How did this not sell last year? Grab it NOW! (Craig Allen photo).

Rolling Stones  "Their Satanic Majesties Request" (LP)

U2  "Lights Of Home" (12 inch vinyl)

And...a TON of "various artists" compilations, and records of "regional interest" can be found this year!

But, wait...there's MORE!

For a complete list of official record store day offerings, by artist, click here!

And...how didn't THIS get scooped up? (Craig Allen photo).
And...how didn't THIS get scooped up? (Craig Allen photo).

Independent Record Stores (43) around New Jersey will be participating, in cities including: Asbury Park, Bordentown, Fords, Hackensack, Jersey City, Princeton, Red Bank, Trenton, Union and Wayne.

For the complete list of New Jersey stores, and links to their websites, click here!

As Big Joe always says: "Go out and support your local, New Jersey musicians!" To this,  I would add: Show appreciation and support for your local, New Jersey record store!

Click the link above, and check out the independent record store in your town!

Enjoy the camaraderie...and the special deals, too!

REMEMBER: supplies vary by store, and are extremely LIMITED!

GOOD LUCK...and have FUN tomorrow!!

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