The big night is almost here! Halloween is rapidly approaching so it’s likely that you have your costume all figured out.

But does your costume choice match with the top costume choice of the Garden State?

A report put out by Scholaroo analyzed the most popular Halloween costumes by each state, and I have to admit, I’m surprised by what our favorite is.

I was expecting something pop culture related, like Eleven and Vecna from the latest season of "Stranger Things." Or maybe something specific to our state like pork roll, like this one New Jerseyan did with their dog.

OK, I guess technically I have to go against my Central Jersey roots and say the dog is dressed as "Taylor Ham."

That felt wrong to even type... I digress.

It turns out according to the study, our costume tastes are a little more simple than that. The number one costume for 2022 is a cat.

I guess it’s because it’s so simple? All you really need is cat ears, something to draw whiskers, a tail and black clothing that you probably already have.


Eleven other states share the cat costume as their top costume.

After the cat, our second favorite costume is a witch, which makes total sense to me. Personally, I was a witch for Halloween at least twice that I can remember.

Group of people on broom and halloween witch costume.
Gennadiy Poznyakov

Third favorite? A clown. This one is by far the most terrifying costume for me.



As for our neighbors: New York’s top costume is Spiderman. That’s apropos as NYC is his home. Pennsylvania shares our apparent love of cat costumes.

Whatever you dress as have a Happy Halloween!

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