We warned you about this last year. A real tree at Christmas could lead to a real nasty mess in your living room with the encroaching spotted lanternfly. Last year they were in Pennsylvania and PhillyVoice.com explained how this invasive species could leave egg masses on a tree that winds up in your living room. Once the cozy warm air of your living space is felt, they can hatch, leaving God knows how many spotted lanternflies throughout your house. They say just one egg mass can contain 30 to 50 eggs.

This already happened one past Christmas to a New Jersey woman in Warren County, and with the spotted lanternfly now having entered New Jersey in a big way just know this is an even greater possibility. The spotted lanternfly is a huge deal because it is an invasive species dangerous not only to trees but to all kinds of other agriculture. Earlier this year when experts confirmed the bug had taken hold here in New Jersey they asked the public to kill one whenever one is seen. Not just indoors. See one outside your house? Please do New Jersey a favor and kill it instantly. Officials announced last month that the species has now been found in 8 New Jersey counties; Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Hunterdon, Mercer, Salem, Somerset and Warren.

It's so bad and officials are so concerned about this pest they even created a list of items you are to check for egg masses before moving them from these 'quarantined' areas. Find that checklist here.

Now if it just doesn't feel like a real Christmas without a real tree, at least you've been warned. Perhaps you could make tiny Santa hats for all those spotted lanternflies in case some eggs hatch at your holiday party.

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