It’s in stories like the following that we see the spirit of the holiday season in action.

And this story will give you some measure of hope in that whatever life throws at you, there are good people in the world willing to put all else aside just to lend support.

That good will came from the Wall Township and Toms River PBAs who are currently doing what they can to assist the Zane family of Toms River.

Jill and Matt Zane are both teachers in Wall. They have 3 children – all triplets – and one has numerous medical conditions. His name is Caden – born with a brain bleed. Since then, Caden had been diagnosed with more than 20 medical conditions. His mom is hoping he makes it to his 5th birthday.

In addition to that, she was recently diagnosed with state 4 breast cancer.

The video below tells the story of the Zane’s journey – and was shot just before Jill’s diagnosis. It will also tug at your heartstrings!

Their heroes are the approximately 40 police officers from Wall Township and Toms River who’ve gone to their house to clean the yard, decorate the house for the holidays, and give them dinner.

Wall Township PBA President James Cadigan said, in light of recent events, this is the reason folks join the police force.

To help people like the Zane’s.

“I just want people to understand that the reason why everybody signs up to be a police officer is to help people number one and foremost,” Cadigan said. “We’re here to help people.”

In my eyes, they earn major props for whatever they can do to alleviate some of the difficulty the Zanes are dealing with.

The Lakewood PBA had also gotten involved as well, as have local merchants.

A fundraiser for the family thusfar has raised in the neighborhood of $146,000 to help defray some of their mounting medical bills.

Thus we commend the members of the Wall Township, Toms River, and Lakewood PBAs for their efforts in making the season brighter for a family in need.

Today’s Ray’s Heroes of the Day!

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