Something as serious and debilitating as stage-4 neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nerve cells, is no match for the faith of 11 year old Gracie West of Freehold.

Her faith is strong and her attitude positive – so much so that despite 9 rounds of chemotherapy, her fondest wish was to see Pope Francis in Rome.

"Her upbeat attitude, her positivity and her faith have really been a gift.”

So through all that, a group of local volunteers built her a tree house that she’d always wanted which got the Make-A-Wish Foundation involved.

“She said she wanted to meet the Pope.”

With her doctors’ ok, she eventually made it to St. Peters; and had her picture taken with the Pope himself – making Sirianni very proud.

“I’m just so excited she got to meet the Holy Father.” “It happened…on his birthday.”

Gracie feels this visit will give her the strength to endure whatever lies ahead. And face it she will, with an enduring faith – now that she’s been granted her wish.

Gracie West of Freehold - One brave 11 year old. And the Make-A-Wish Foundation New Jersey – making her dream of making her dream come true.

Today’s Ray’s Heroes of the Day.

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