It may be in the job description, but still, when you have the combination of a state patrolman and off-duty nurse coming to the rescue of a man in distress – those actions deserve props.

Hence, today’s Ray’s Heroes are trooper Michael Legatie and off-duty nurse Kevin "Douglas" Frank, who both saved the life of a 44 year old Woodstown man.

According to Frank, he’d been at soccer practice with his two kids when he heard a commotion a short distance away.

Having discovered the man on the ground, he immediately started performing CPR, when after 3 minutes Legatie arrived and used his portable automated external defibrillator – or AED.

On the third shot from the AED, the man regained consciousness.

Legatie thanks his state police training, and the fact that nurse Frank was nearby, as well as the passersby who’d helped in the effort.

"It should be in every park everywhere and that's the only way he survived, the AED," Legatie said.

NJ State Patrolman Michael Legatie and off-duty nurse Kevin "Douglas" Frank – today’s Ray’s Heroes of the Day.

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