This is one phone call you do not want to make to your insurance company. Or to the police. Or to your spouse. Or to a contractor.

On the morning of Thursday, October 14 in the town where I live, Raritan Township, some poor sap somehow drove their own car right through their own garage door and smashed into the back wall of the garage.

No, I was not the poor sap.

But whoever this person was they have my sympathy. Because when we see a story like this, we assume the operator is either 95 years old or just a terrible driver.

Yet it could be so many other things. We just don’t know until we know. It could have been a major mechanical failure in the car itself. It could have been the mother of all distractions that would have even gotten to the best of us. It could have been medical.

As for the facts, this is what Raritan Township police had on their Facebook page.

Ouch, the picture of that back wall looks bad. You could see the seam at the corner of that garage is opening up and you have to wonder about structural integrity now.

Flemington-Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad via Facebook
Flemington-Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad via Facebook

Again, I’m not judging. This poor person is going to live through every Thanksgiving dinner from now on with someone starting a story beginning with “Remember that time you were in the driveway and…”

Believe me, I’ve done my share of stupid. There was that time I was backing out of my driveway alongside which stood a wrought iron fence. I backed out of this thing hundreds of times. One day, for no particular reason, I cut the wheel too soon and took off my driver side mirror on the wrought iron.

One time I had just bought a brand new pick up truck and drove it fresh off the lot stopping one block later at a gas station to fill the tank. Yes, the dealership had offered to fill the tank but the entire sales transaction had taken so ungodly long, literally over six hours, that I was fed up and just wanted to do it myself.

Well wouldn’t you know my impatience did not pay off. When I stopped at the pump I didn’t notice a large bollard, like one of those upright pipes filled with concrete. I threw my door open right into it giving my truck it’s first dent literally one minute into ownership.

We have all done dumb things. So this poor person in Raritan Township has as much company as one can possibly have.

Flemington-Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad via Facebook
Flemington-Raritan First Aid and Rescue Squad via Facebook

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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