Our police and firefighters are asked to take care of a lot of situations no one else wants to or knows how to handle. Such was the case in a rescue operation this week in Atlantic City.

Both the police and fire department responded to a family caught in a storm drain. The family was removed unharmed, although a little shaken up. You might think this heroic story isn't all that it's quacked up to be, but in spring, when baby duckling are hatching, it sure is.

If you live near any water here in New Jersey, you know that this time of year, waterfowl, such as ducks and geese, give birth to their chicks wherever they damn well please. They're not always the best at choosing where to start a family. The men and women of these two great departments in Atlantic City go above and beyond for their citizens just about every day. This time they helped out the world of wildlife as they often do "down the shore."

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