I have a world of respect for police work and most law enforcement in general. It’s disheartening though when you see a guy like this. According to a report on nj.com, Ventnor police say Sergeant Michael Camp of Atlantic City PD got into a car accident and had a BAC of .13 afterwards. What’s impressive is how it was handled.

A video from SJNTV.com shows body cam footage of Ventnor Police putting Camp through a series of roadside sobriety tests which he fails and even says at one point, “I’m messed up” according to police.

Throughout the encounter the sergeant frequently mentions his spine problems and discusses a desire to go to a hospital. In the police report it was noted that Camp was at times “slobbering” and “rambling” but also noted he was polite and calm.

The good attitude didn’t sway the Ventnor cops who did exactly what they should have done. They arrested Camp and charged him with a DUI.

It’s nice to see police act professionally and be willing to arrest one of their own. Too often in life there’s a coverup, a string pulled, a favor played. For everyone’s safety this was exactly how the system is intended to work. Camp deserves credit for 21 years of service and I hope things go smoothly for him.

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