I knew some New Jersey towns had fluoride in their water systems and some did not. What I didn't know is just how lopsided it is. Only 15% of Jersey towns have teeth protecting fluoride in their water. Of all fifty states we rank next to dead last in this department. In an article by David Matthau I learned the reason for this is so many towns here are supplied by a single water utility and legally all towns on a supply chain have to agree to have fluoridated water or none of them can.

There's now legislation to increase the fluoride in Jersey's water. But do you want that? The CDC has repeatedly tested and declared the inclusion of fluoride as safe, yet many people are against it.

Even if the legislation passes, will it do as much good as it once did? With more and more people turning to bottled water without fluoride, it won't be nearly as effective as decades ago. Nationally, those reporting drinking only tap water is down to 12%. Almost three times as many drink only bottled water.

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