You don't need a big game in order to create a winning sandwich. Seriously, as cheesy as what I just said, it's true. The latest creation to come out of the fridge is a pulled pork and fried pickle sandwich. Inspired by the great tasting fried pickles that Eric Scott made on Ground Hog Day and my love of pulled pork, the sandwich is one of the best things I've made yet. And it's simple. Although it did take 10 hours from start to finish...

Pork. Red Cabbage Salad. Fried Pickles. Bread.

Pork: Brine the pork.. You'll need a Boston Butt cut of pork with bone in!

The brining tub should be filled with water to cover the meat. Equal parts sugar and salt. I also add fresh parsley, fresh garlic and hot pepper flakes. Have it sit in your fridge for at least a few hours if not overnight.

Take the pork out and discard the water. Place the pork in your crock pot. If there's a large slab of fat, make sure that's left on top. Then with a sharp knife, cut it partially away from the rest of the meat in order to create a flap that you will "stuff" with some of the ingredients.

Chop up fresh parsley and fresh garlic. Add both to the top of the meat in the crock pot. Then add salt & pepper and hot red pepper flakes. Drizzle olive oil over the top and set the temp to low. In 7-8 hours, the meat should be done.

The key is to make sure the cover is on tight, but there's a place for some steam to escape. Check the adjustment on the top and make sure there's a space.

You'll know the pork is done when you can take tongs and pull out the bone with little or no resistance. Then you pull the meat apart with two forks and let it stay in the liquid left from the cooking process.

Cabbage Salad: For the cabbage salad, you'll need a mandolin or a sharp knife and enough skill not to cut yourself.

Shred enough cabbage for the number of sandwiches you want to make. Cut the head in half and use about a third for a couple big sandwiches.

The dressing is easy. Whole grain mustard, agave and oil and vinegar. Mix the oil and vinegar and add in the mustard and agave. With a small whisk, mix it together. That's it. Can be added to the cabbage in a large bowl right away.

Fried Pickles: Bread and butter pickles from the supermarket. Best are the ones with real sugar and no artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. Dry the pickles between two paper towels. This will avoid splashing during the frying process.

The batter is simple. Flour, water and a little beer. Mix until it's combined and thick enough to stay on the pickle. Add Cajun seasoning.

Heat vegetable oil to 375 degrees. I use an induction cook-top because it keeps the temp constant and I don;t have to use a thermometer. You can use a deep fryer as well.

Test one pickle and fry till golden brown. Then after soaking all the pickles in the batter add 'em in.

Slice a ciabatta roll. Add the dressed red cabbage salad to one side. On the other, I added hot pepper rings and then friend pickles. Put some pork on the cabbage side, close and enjoy.

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