Uniforms in public schools are a slow-moving trend in New Jersey. The uniforms are designed to remedy issues like peer pressure and too much attention on appearance among students.

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Mike Yaple of the New Jersey School Boards Association says one survey showed two-thirds of parents responding supported school uniforms. But he says that other 33 percent who dislike uniforms can be vocal in their opposition.

So, according to Yaple, "Before you implement school uniforms, you want to make sure you have the support of parents and the community."

He says, in some school districts, the uniform decision is not uniform, meaning some schools opt to adopt uniforms and others do not. And even in schools that have adopted a uniform policy, there are often a number of choices or options given for different clothing within the uniform guidelines.

Supporters of a uniform policy in public schools seem to also support the notion that uniforms remove the concern that too much attention will be paid to how one looks, enabling the class and the school to better focus on how one learns.

Vineland public schools will start a uniform policy next September. In Atlantic County, Pleasantville schools began using uniforms in 2001. It is also a district policy in Bridgeton.

Nationally, about 19 percent of all public school students wear uniforms.