On tonight’s ever expanding docket of topicage is this:

If you hog the left lane in NJ…you may be getting more in fines. Do you feel left lane hogs deserve more in fines? I say just enforce what’s on the books now. This is all the result of one lawmaker who was hit with a moment of enlightenment while on his way to the statehouse. (State Senator Donald Norcross.)

Here’s the gospel according to Senator Jersey Joe Pennacchio who voted against it…"We had the move over law last week that said you’ve got to move from the right to the left. Now we get the move-from-the-left-to-the-right law," "Eventually, we’re going to run out of lanes."

Also, the Freehold Regional High School board has filed tenure charges against the principal of Manalapan HS but doesn’t say why. If you’re a taxpayer in that district, as I am, don’t you feel you’re owed an explanation as to why the principal is being brought up on tenure charges?

There’s also, in the news, another example of a teacher getting in trouble by posting on Facebook…..we’ll call it Viki Knox syndrome. Veteran teacher was suspended for gay bashing on Facebook; saying that he 'almost threw up' about gay marriage being allowed in NY.” Do you feel he’s a martyr or an idiot?

Back on New Year’s Eve, in Cranford, close to 50 teenagers got drunk and a few of them had gotten into a fight, prompting a 911 call. When officers busted the party, they arrested 47 kids — mostly Cranford High School students. Now Cranford, is considering disciplining students for their off-campus bad behavior. Do you feel that schools should be disciplining kids for things they do when they’re out of school…or should parents be held liable?

7 more N.J. parochial schools in NJ will close in June. Do you have any pleasant memories of having gone to a Catholic or any other parochial school. (Did you ever go to the same school with someone who eventually became famous?)

Do you think the GOP has a shot this year to unseat President Obama? The nasty Republican primary campaign has GOP leaders worried about chances of winning the White House this year.

Would you dare vacation in Mexico this year? Do you have any vacation horror stories…like this one where cruise ship passengers were robbed in Mexico on a jungle excursion?

And finally, all about debt….How jammed up are you….because of your credit cards, or your student loans….there’s a poll that say we here in Jersey have the 4th highest credit card debt in the country What’s in your wallet…and is it moths?