After the passing of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, NJ Senator Joe Pennacchio is once again making a push for Cuban leaders to return convicted cop killer Joanna  Chesimard to New Jersey.

Senator Pennacchio is leading the charge for Cuba to end its harboring of Chesimard who killed NJ State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1973. Chesimard was convicted in 1977 and then escaped prison and fled to Cuba in 1979, where she has been living ever since.

I believe standing up for the rights and lives of all NJ police and State Troopers is something that should be expected of our government. I asked Pennacchio, as a US Senator from NJ, what can he really do to help bring Chesimard to justice and ensure she finishes out her term behind bars.

"They (Cuba) gave us the political prisoners they gave us people without families but they refused to give up the people that were convicted. So we have two resolutions. Once calling from Congress and I believe there is a congressional resolution right now and we are encouraging people to vote for that congressional resolution, that the second of the resolutions that we have out there right now," Pennacchio said.

You can read more about Senator Pennachio's call to Congress to help bring Chesimard back to NJ and watch our full interview in the YouTube clip above.

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