To quote Lillo Brancato from the movie "Renaissance Man", "...something's rotten in the state of Denmark!"

That's the impression I get from the article concerning the filing of tenure charges against principal Jeff Simon of Manalapan High School.

As a taxpaying resident of Manalapan Township, who will be on the hook along with thousands of other residents once this case goes before an administrative law judge; I would like the following answered:


The article states, "The board previously has said the charges did not involve any interaction with a student; members remained mum on the specific nature of the allegations Monday."

However Mr. Simon has been on a paid suspension since December.

One does wonder "why"?

If there had been any involvement with a student, we'd all have known by now. Or so I'd like to think.

It gives one the impression that there may be something more to this...perhaps a political motivation.

This is why we're suspicious of the way school boards operate and the little fiefdoms they create.

This is also the reason why we've said that you MUST make it a point to participate in school board elections.

You, like me, are paying the bulk of your property taxes toward educating our children; and the administrators that oversee the process.

Don't we have a right to know the reason why one of them is being taken to task for a supposed "infraction" that will place an added financial burden on our community?

Just sayin'

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