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Leading off each hour will be these:

11) Manalapan Stench
12) Bruce Rock God or Dying Yak
1) Carjacker gets beat up by 2 90 year old women
2) Troopers shoot at idiot trying to flee

And then there’s this:

Greg Schiano signed paralyzed former Rutgers football star Eric LeGrand to a free agent deal with the Tampa Bay Bucs. Is there any coach that’s been a huge influence in your life?

Should all ticket agents be outlawed!

Are strip clubs dens of crime?

Tolls could be coming to free interstates. Would you rather pay higher tolls or higher gas taxes to repair them?

Alternative ways to make money!

Would you want the fact that you’re an organ donor plastered on Facebook…This is Zuckerberg's latest brainstorm. Do you feel this is a good idea?

Are fish caught off the waters in Jersey good enough to eat? Would you ever eat anything caught out of our rivers and streams?

Have your parents ever busted you for anything and brought you to the police station?

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