PSE&G is warning their customers about a phone scam that threatens them with service termination unless PSE&G receives an immediate payment.

Phone scammers using fake caller IDs have been plaguing customers of Public Service Electric and Gas about supposedly unpaid bills. But company spokeswoman Brooke Houston says that "before terminating service, we alert customers in a number of ways. We put messages on their bills, we send letters and phone calls."

She says just because caller ID says it's PSEG, it doesn't mean it's real.

"A big red flag is when they ask for a prepaid credit card that can be picked up at your local grocery store or pharmacy. What they ask you to do is to go pick up those cards and call them back at a number that they give you, not the number on your bill or website. And when you call them back, they take the number off of the card or the receipt, the PIN, and within a matter of minutes, that money is gone."

Houston advises anyone who receives one of these calls to report it immediately.

"If you have been scammed, please report it to us. You can give us a call. Also, you should report it to your local police department."

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5.

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