You've been a listener. You've been a reader. Now here's a chance for you to be a conversation leader.

Introducing: Proud to be New Jersey.

It's New Jersey 101.5's first and only group on Facebook.

Wasn't New Jersey 101.5 already on Facebook? Yes, we have a page with more than 177,000 followers.

Proud to be New Jersey, on the other hand, is a Facebook group — which means you can post your photos, your videos and your links about New Jersey news and topics that interest you.

We're inviting our listeners and followers like you to join and share your own New Jersey articles and photos, start your own conversations and talk back with our hosts. That's right, you get to post.

We don't all have to agree. But no hate or harassment here — just love for the great Garden State and a passion for making it better.

Click here to join today.

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