Thank you Nicole Murray, thank you! Nicole works for our sister station 94.3 The Point and I read this good news she brought forth to all the land.

Yes, another Surf Taco is coming to the Jersey Shore in a sort of coastal cuisine Manifest Destiny. The new one will open on Route 35 in Wall. This will be the 15th location in all (counting the one outlier in Florida) with most being in Jersey by the beach. The only bad news is it won’t be ready in time for this summer; it opens in October or November.

As Nicole tells it Rob Nagel is the owner and founder and he created this gem by combining his passion for the beach with his passion for food, and man did he get it right! I have a fondness for Surf Taco as every summer without fail while my father-in-law was still with us the whole family would gorge on their delicious offerings at the Seaside Park location. Never once did I see it not busy, but never too busy to get it right. They even have smoothies after a hot day in the sun.

Check here for their full menu and a Jersey location near you.

Can I get a hallelujah?

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