There are so many things Princeton has to offer. It has the vibe of a college town while also having the feel of a small town in New Jersey.

Sometimes just going for a walk up and down the streets there can be therapeutic.

But they’ve also got so many great restaurants. Purinsu Ramen is another one to add to that list.

They’re located at 32 Witherspoon St. in Princeton. It’s a small but popular side street just off Nassau Avenue.

They have all different kinds of Ramen on their menu, but the one that I can certainly vouch for is the chicken shoyu Ramen.

Inside the restaurant is a great kind of ambiance with great service as well.

It’s right in the heart of Princeton, so it almost gives you a small city type of vibe while you’re eating in the restaurant. There is outside seating as well for the summer months if you’d like to eat outside.

They're open every single day from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. so you know they're likely open for your craving.

You can order online and pick it up in-store if you're not looking for a sit down meal.

Princeton has so much to offer from the shops, the sights, and restaurants. Purinsu Ramen is just another cog in the machine. Check it out the next time that you're in the area.

If you're a Ramen fan you won't be steered wrong. I guarantee it.

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