About 200,000 people were left without power in the wake of the storms that swept through New Jersey Monday night. When that happens we usually spend the night taking calls from people who are frustrated, confused, angry, maybe even a little scared. People are looking both to get some answers, as well as maybe vent a little. Wouldn't it be nice if they could also get that from their power company instead of a recording?

We took calls from many people who were left with nothing but an automated voice. One caller got a person long after she didn't respond to the automation, another received a text and still another got the automation but did receive a call from their cable company, smart move with so many people cutting the cord. If the cable company gets it, the power company should too. This is not a knock against these guys who work for as long as it takes in all kinds of risk and weather to get your power restored, this is a suggestion to those in management to provide better access to their customers. Thus restoring another kind of connection, a human one.

In this age of competition between these power companies looking for your business, not to mention solar energy. Good ole one-on-one customer service could go a long way.

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