New Jersey utilities are getting ready in the event Hurricane Sandy slams the state.  Forecasters say the storm is expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds and flooding.

Power Lines
Allison Shelley, Getty Images

"We are mobilizing crews now to stay ahead of the storm to minimize any impact on our customers" said Ron Morano, spokesman for Jersey Central Power & Light.  In addition, the company is securing outside utility crews, electrical contractors and tree contractors.

"You also do inventories to make sure you have enough poles and wire" Morano said.

Public Service Electric & Gas (PSEG) says they are taking numerous steps to ensure the utility is ready to respond to widespread power outages.

"We are arranging contractors including tree crews, coordinating our personnel, making sure additional supplies such as poles, transformers and other equipment are on hand and checking locations for potential flooding and taking precautions, such as using sandbags to help divert water from substation equipment" said spokesperson Karen Johnson.

Atlantic City Electric says they're preparing vehicles and securing outside utility crews.

"We have crews as far as Texas and Louisiana on standby just like we did when Irene hit" said Vince Maione, regional president.

"The South Jersey area unfortunately has gotten hit with some bad storms recently including Irene and the October snowstorm so we are putting the same response plans in place" Maione added.

All three say they will also be keeping customers up to date during the storm through social media.

"We will be using Twitter and Facebook to keep people informed" said Johnson.

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