Avoiding drinking isn’t going to go away anytime soon – especially among college students.

That’s why one entrepreneurial Princeton University religion major developed a product that would cure - or at least minimize the effects of the dreaded hangover.

It’s called “Thrive+” – and the student, Brooks Powell, who’s a 21 year old Houston native, claims that just 3 pills after your last drink will cure the headaches and other associated alcohol consumption ills the next day.

The supplement – which, like all supplements, is not regulated by the FDA but have to meet certain labeling requirements, uses vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients to decrease the amount of physical change on the body.

The slogan he uses is - "Enjoy Tonight. Thrive Tomorrow. $29.75 will get you a bottle of 30 pills.

“I don’t drink without it. I think it’s the safer and healthier way to drink,” Powell said. “$3 per night is a very fair price, considering the price of drinks.”

He claims that anyone going out to party shouldn’t rely on Thrive+ to enable them to drink heavier. I call BS!

“The idea is that if college people are already drinking a certain amount, the hope is that they’ll drink the same amount — which is already a lot — and this will help them get rid of the negative consequences of a hangover,” Powell said.

He says "the hope is that they'll drink the same amount!" I'm not "wet behind the ears" when it comes to drinking, but I think he's being a bit naive.

If you, for one minute, think you're going to suffer a massive hangover from a long night of drinking, that, in and of itself, might be enough to temper your partying.

Here’s my suggestion on how to cure the next day's hangover – and I know it’s unrealistic.

Don’t drink - and save the money!

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