BAYONNE — A car bumper in the parking lot of a Burger King is the only sign of a police-involved shooting that was prompted Thursday by an unpaid tank of gas.

The parking lot at West 53rd Street and Broadwawas cordoned off by yellow tape. There were a number of markers on the ground, indicating shell casings.

Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said Bayonne police received a call about a theft from a gas station on 53rd Street near Avenue E around 6:45 a.m. and located a "person of interest" in the parking lot of Burger King at Broadway and 54th Street. The driver hit two police vehicles as he tried to flee the lot. An officer fired his weapon but the driver did not stop.

He was located in the area of Linden Avenue and Scott Street in Jersey City with gunshot wounds and taken to Jersey City Medical Center.

Witnesses told CBS New York that the gunman drove off from a Quick Stop gas station without paying for a gas purchase. The attendant said he called police, who pursued him.

Witnesses told News 12 that the bumper fell off when the driver rammed the police vehicles.

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