Were you one of the 7,000 people brave enough to plunge into the ocean off the Seaside Heights beach Saturday?

New Jersey 101.5's Toniann Antonelli was — as she joined the throngs of people who raised more than $1.8 million for Special Olympics of New Jersey at the 24th annual event. It's always been near and dear to New Jersey 101.5 — our own Big Joe Henry has emceed the plunge for the past 22 years.

The water was about 42 degrees — it could have been a lot worse; it is February after all — but as Toni will tell you, that's still plenty cold. That didn't stop those 7,000 folks from having blast.

This year’s Plunge is over, but you can still donate to Special Olympics of New Jersey.

Special Olympics of New Jersey serves more than 25,000 athletes with year-round sports training and athletic competitions — adults and children alike. It provides its programs free to registered athletes — including all training, uniforms, sports equipment, meals and housing at state competition events, and medical screenings.

Watch those 7,000 jump in — in super-speed and slow-mo:

The whole day in four minutes:

Our best photos:


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