Normally (ha, normally) when we do a What's Normal poll, it's born of some silly Seinfeldian conversation Doyle and I have where we find out we disagree as to 'what's normal'. This time was different. On Tuesday's show we did a germophobic edition that came about because of the claim in a new book that blames President Trump's giving Chris Christie the boot over a cell phone. You see, Donald Trump is said to be germophobic, and the story was that on election night Christie offered him use of his phone to talk to the president and Trump had a meltdown. You can read more on this here. Do I believe it? Not really. Anyone can claim anything in a book. And Christie has since denied it ever happened.

Nonetheless we got into a conversation about other types of germophobia and quickly realized we had a What's Normal on our hands. I found out Doyle thinks most people would be repulsed at the thought of having to share a toothbrush with their significant other. I felt otherwise. Considering everything else you're sharing by kissing, having sex, etc., why would a toothbrush in an emergency be any big deal? That led to our opinion on whether most people would have a problem letting a dog lick their mouth. Doyle thought most people would have no issue with doggie kisses, and I thought otherwise. Then there was the issue of whether most people wash new clothes before wearing them the first time. I said no, Doyle said yes.

I won two out of three. The one I lost was the toothbrush one. And that was the one I was most certain of. Go figure. Anyway I won $30.

Here's an online version of our What's Normal poll.

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