🐈 A crate with four kittens was left outside a Union County animal shelter

🐈 The kittens were cold, scared and malnourished

🐈 A person with the crate was seen on surveillance video

PLAINFIELD — A Union County animal shelter is looking for the person who abandoned four malnourished kittens on its front porch early Wednesday morning.

The Plainfield Area Humane Society, located at 75 Rock Ave. in Plainfield, took to Facebook to say that just before 6 a.m. on April 24, an individual abandoned four gray and white kittens on their front porch.

Surveillance video shows the person wearing a dark jacket with a hood, walking up to the shelter with the carrier of kittens, placing it on the porch, and then quickly running away.

When the staff discovered the cage, they said the kittens were cold and scared. They were immediately placed on a heating pad and fed breakfast.

All four kittens, who were found to be six months old and not completely healthy, were undernourished and needed to be treated for an upper respiratory infection, according to Josh Reyes, the animal shelter’s director of operations, who spoke to NJ.com.

Anyone with information on who this individual may be is asked to contact the Plainfield Animal Control Department at 908-0300 or contact@pahs.org.

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