UPDATE: A few days after this article was published, Gov. Murphy loosened some restrictions on indoor dining. Read more about that here.

We all know that New Jersey's bars and restaurants have been taking a tremendous hit with this pandemic. They must close at 10 p.m., no stools at the bar and they're limited to 25% capacity, what's a bar or restaurant to do? Well this Feb. 7, they could have a chance to do it, if Governor Murphy will let them, and he should.

From Dan Alexander's article on nj1015.com: "State Sen. Anthony Bucco is asking Gov. Phil Murphy to consider making exceptions to the curfew for the Super Bowl as well as Valentine's Day in February."

Here's why he should do it for the Super Bowl.

First off, it's going to be hard enough for these places to make money even if he does extend the closing time to midnight. Just look at the Twitter poll I put up during my show last night.

In order for the bars and restaurants to make this work, they're going to have to create "special" nights with all kinds of drink and food specials to draw people in. There will also be a small number of people as well. At least with those places, people will be watching and cheering in safe sites as opposed to the Super Bowl parties that you know are going to happen.

Also, by extending the curfew until midnight, all the governor will really be doing is allowing people already there to simply stay longer. I really don't see people showing up at 10 p.m. to watch the rest of the "Big Game."

When you compare extending the bars and restaurants until midnight to the private house parties people will be throwing, Gov. Murphy may actually be keeping us safer by allowing them to stay open.

Should our governor do the right thing, here are some places suggested by my social media following to watch the game.

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