Aaron D. Davis turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday. He was the man wanted in connection with the case of the dog left in a cage to drown in Highlands as the tide came in. It was only by chance that a passerby saw the cage, took a closer look, and rescued the dog as water was already filling up inside.

He's been charged with animal cruelty and abandonment according to Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office. Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni wants you to know that the dog, adopted by the woman who saved him, is "doing fine, has a clean bill of health."

If Davis is convicted on the animal cruelty charge he could face jail time. But, according to my research on animal cruelty laws, not much. According to monmouthcountyspca.org, Domestic Animals Criminal Charges, an animal cruelty charge under 4:22-17 calls for a person guilty of this disorderly persons offense can be fined no more than $1,000 and be imprisoned by not more than 6 months. If I'm reading all of this right, this seems woefully inadequate.

If indeed Aaron D. Davis intentionally left this caged dog there to drown, shouldn't the punishment be more severe? Keep in mind, the only reason this dog isn't dead is because of the good actions of Jennifer Vaz, the hero in all this who got involved and saved him. I'd be interested in what most people think should happen here. I'm offering alternative punishments in our poll below. If your choice is 'other' feel free to elaborate in the comment section.

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