Ever been to a Renaissance faire? How about a steampunk convention? Maybe a furry party (we're not judging)?

The eleventh annual (and final) Wicked Fire by Jeff Mach Events began at the Hyatt Regency in Princeton Friday night, mashing up all those genres and more. If it involves a costume, a little mischievous creativity and some spiritual flair, it's welcome at Wicked.

That means you'll see Doctor Who cosplayers alongside vampires alongside medieval wenches alongside characters who've come through the Looking Glass. If it involves a corset, goggles, pointed ears, mythology, science fiction, rare talent or personal experimentation, it's likely in the mix.

The three-day program continues Saturday and Sunday, with the full schedule online. Note: While anyone 16 or older can be admitted to Wicked Faire, some programs have mature themes, and some are explicitly 18-plus only (there's a guide along the schedule).